5 Reasons Why the Fall & Winter are Great Times to Buy a Pool

5 Reasons Why the Fall & Winter are Great Times to Buy a Pool

Fall is just around the corner. You know what that means, pumpkin spice, flannel, boots, and bonfires. You probably won’t see anyone posting pictures of their new pool with #fall in the caption but here are 5 reasons why starting a pool in the fall/winter is a great idea.

One: Beat the Rush

Have you ever waited until Christmas Eve to go out and buy all of your Christmas gifts? That is kind of what our office is like the first week that school gets out. Most people wait until the first warm day to think about getting a pool. This causes a Black Friday style rush on all the local pool companies. Other than the Fall, February is another great time to buy a pool.

Two: Timing

Most of our customers want their pool to be ready for some big event, birthday, holiday, etc. By starting the process early, you guarantee that your pool will be ready despite any delay. Let’s face it, we got a lot of rain this past spring/summer and no matter what we try we just can’t find a way to control the weather.

Three: Landscaping

A major part of any pool project is the landscaping around it. The fall is a great time to put in grass and other plants around your pool area. By planting in the fall your yard will look beautiful for your first spring party.

Four: Cost of Goods Increase

Every year in January we get our annual increases from our suppliers. If you are wanting to get a pool put in next spring then this fall/winter is the lowest the price will be.

Five: End of Year Incentives

Various pool contractors will offer end of year incentives like free upgrades. Contact us to find out what we are offering this fall ????

Bonus: Pool Furniture Sales

Starting in the fall most outdoor furniture and pool accessories go on sale. Therefore, you can get that patio set and chase lounges you want at a fraction of the cost.

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