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5 Reasons Why the Fall & Winter are Great Times to Buy a Pool

Fall is just around the corner. You know what that means, pumpkin spice, flannel, boots, and bonfires. You probably won’t see anyone posting pictures of their new pool with #fall in the caption but here are 5 reasons why starting a pool in the fall/winter is a great idea. One:…
pool safety cover

Tips for Cleaning and Storing Your Pool Cover

We dedicate much of our blog to topics about pool water and your pool itself, but there’s another part to your swimming pool that doesn’t get much “media time” — your pool cover! That hardly seems fair for an accessory that keeps dirt, leaves, sticks, pollen and other unwanted debris out of…
inground pool with pump

How to Choose the Right Pool Pump For Your Inground Pool

Not only is your pool pump is a vital piece of equipment to your swimming pool, but it’s also vitally important that your pool pump is the appropriate size for your pool. Too big and it will soak up more energy than necessary, resulting in higher energy bills each month.…
vinyl pool liner

How to Care for Your Vinyl Pool Liner

For the most part, pool maintenance is straightforward. However, like most things in life, there are exceptions. For every type of pool, there’s a slightly different set of guidelines. While you can care for your vinyl pool just like you learned to care for your parents’ gunite pool, the reality is, your…
inground swimming pool

Why an Inground Swimming Pool is Better than a Pool Above Ground

If you love the idea of going for a swim anytime you want, then you’re probably ready for a pool of your own. Now the question is: what kind of pool? Do you want an above-ground pool or an inground pool? Certainly, inground pools come with higher price tags, but they also come with…
chlorine pool

Salt Water Pools vs Chlorine Pools: Pros and Cons

“Should I get a salt water pool or a chlorine pool?” If you’re asking yourself this question, the first thing you should know is that salt water pools do technically contain chlorine. The main difference between the two pool types is the process by which chlorine is added to the water. We’ll explain this…
pool cover

The Pros and Cons of Various Safety Pool Covers

Pool safety covers are great at keeping things out of your pool that don’t belong in there, like dirt, leaves, winter snow, and even small children and pets if you get one that’s heavy-duty enough! You still have plenty of time before you need to need to cover your pool…
swimming pool in the summer

How to Cool Pool Water That’s Too Hot for Swimming

Does your pool feel like it’s reaching the boiling point? We know that’s the worst, especially since you invested in your pool as an escape from the heat! Unfortunately, that same heat you’re trying to escape can find its way into your pool and is not so quick to find its way…
accessory for swimming pool

10 Must Have Pool Accessories For An Extra Fun Summer

Pools are already loads of fun on their own, but of course, it never hurts to add a little more of a wow factor with a water feature, or a little more fun with some hot new pool accessories, toys, and games. Need to know how to take care of your…
apartment swimming pool

Energy Saving Tips for Pool Owners

You’re not done paying for your pool once it’s in the ground and you’ve taken your first dive. Even though the most expensive part is over at that point, you’ll still have to pay for the chemicals and the energy to keep it clean and running. Last week we talked…
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