Commercial Pool Contractor Serving Throughout The Southeast

Hot Springs Pools and Spas are an Unlimited Licensed Swimming Pool General Contractor in SC and NC, as well as a licensed General Contractor in Tennessee and Georgia. View all our commercial projects on the list below.

commercial pool build
Pool Project Specs
222 Glenwood CondosRaleigh/Wake, NCOutdoor Pool 840 sq ft (152lf perimeter)
605 WestDurham, NCOutdoor Pool 1,584 sq ft (238lf perimeter)
Abbey Lake ApartmentsThomasville, GAOutdoor Pool 1,045 sq ft (133lf perimeter)
Addison @ South TryonCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,999 sq ft (191lf perimeter)
Alexan Briar CreekRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,714 sq ft (182 lf perimeter)
Alexan North HillsRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1485 sq ft
Alexan Panther CreekCary, NCOutdoor Pool 1,603 sq ft (200lf perimeter)
Alexan South SquareDurham, NCOutdoor Pool 1,478 sq ft (168lf perimeter)
Alexander PointeCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 2100 sq ft
Aloft Hotel @ BallantyneMatthews, NCIndoor Pool 367 sq ft (84lf perimeter)
Amber OaksGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 1,793 sq ft (166lf perimeter)
Amberleigh ShoresWilmington, NCOutdoor Pool 1,710 sq ft (182lf perimeter)
AmericInn LodgeShelby, NCIndoor Pool 575 sq ft (102lf perimeter) Spa 109sqft
Andell Inn at FreshfieldCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,206 sq ft (150lf perimeter)
Anderson Physical TherapyAnderson, SCIndoor Spa 120 sq ft (44lf perimeter)
Anderson UniversityAnderson, SCFountains
Anderson UniversityAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 3,572 sq ft (269lf perimeter)
Ansley @ Robert's LakeArden, NCOutdoor Pool 2,176 sq ft (270lf perimeter)
Arbor VillageSummerville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,326 sq ft (225lf perimeter)
Arbors @ Carolina ForestJacksonville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,800 sq ft (200lf perimeter)
ArmfieldGuilford, NCOutdoor Junior Olympic 4870 sq ft (350lf perimeter) Kiddie Pool 428 SF
Asheville ExchangeAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,778 sq ft (212lf)
Ashford ParkDuncan, SCOutdoor Pool 1,588 sq ft (184lf)
Ashley WalkLawrenceville, GAOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft (120lf perimeter) Kiddie Pool 79 sq ft (31lf perimeter)
Ashton HallDurham, NCOutdoor Pool 3,032 sq ft (246lf perimeter) w/ rain drop and vortex
Ashton Woods AptsLadson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,390 sq ft (189lf perimeter)
Auston WoodEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 1,045 sq ft (133lf perimeter)
Autumn ParkBoiling Springs, SCOutdoor Pool 526 sq ft (108lf perimeter), Spa 50 sq ft (25lf perimeter)
AvendellEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 1,226 sq ft (154lf perimeter) lazy river
Aventine ApartmentsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,690 sq ft (181lf perimeter)
Avenues, TheRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 2,622 sq ft (249perimeter)
Baker PlantationNorth Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 2,771 sq ft (295lf perimeter)
BallantyneCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 2,075 sq ft (216lf perimeter)
Ballards PointeSantee, SCOutdoor Pool 2,453 sq ft (221lf perimeter)
Bell View LoftsRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 247 sq ft (68lf)
Bells CreekSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,512 sq ft (263lf perimeter)
Best WesternAthens, GAIndoor Pool 240 sq ft (64lf)
Biltmore Park HiltonAsheville, NCIndoor Pool 632 sq ft (127lf perimeter), Spa 56 sq ft (30lf perimeter)
Blackshear SpaCordelle, GAOutdoor spa 60 sq ft (31lf perimeter)
Blue Ridge PlantationGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 2,542 sq ft (262lf perimeter)
Blythewood Crossing Apts.Columbia, SCOutdoor Pool 1,655 sq ft (210lf perimeter)
BMW Test TrackGreer, SCOutdoor water trough 2503 sq ft
Bob Jones UniversityGreenville, SCFountains
Bob Jones UniversityGreenville, SCIndoor Spa 70 sq ft (32lf perimeter)
Bonnie VistaGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1290 sq ft (158lf perimeter)
Bradford Park AptsRock Hill, SCOutdoor Pool 1390 sq ft (189lf perimeter)
Brickhope PlantationGoose Creek, SCOutdoor Pool 3890 sq ft (300lf perimeter)
Bridges CrossingMauldin, SCOutdoor Pool 1470 sq ft (167lf perimeter), Kiddie Pool 79 sq ft 31lf perimeter)
BridgewaterSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1902 sq ft (176lf perimeter)
Bridle PathMoore, SCOutdoor Pool 2,176 sq ft (196lf perimeter)
BrightleafDurham, NCOutdoor Pool 1,628 sq ft (185lf perimeter)
Broadstone @ Folly BeachCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 2,170 sq ft (221lf perimeter)
Bromley ParkWinston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 1,200 sq ft (141lf perimeter)
Brookstone @ Rae's CreekAugusta, GAOutdoor Pool 901 sq ft (122lf perimeter)
Burcale CommonsMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool 1,694 sq ft (187lf perimeter)
Cain CrossingCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,122 sq ft (127lf perimeter)
Cameron CreekSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (160lf perimeter)
Camp Lake JamesMorganton, NCOutdoor Pool 5,000 sq ft / 300lf, kiddie 987sq ft / 122lf, Spa 201 sq ft / 50lf
Camp SpearheadGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 5,108 sq ft (346lf perimeter), Spray pad 2290 sq ft (170lf)
Campus EdgeConway , SCOutdoor Pool 1,826 sq ft (210lf perimeter)Spa 113 sq ft (38lf perimeter)
Campus EvolutionAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 513 sq ft (94lf)
Candlewood SuitesGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft (120lf perimeter)
Candlewood SuitesSavannah, GAOutdoor Pool 512 sq ft (96lf perimeter)
Cane BayDaniel Island, SCOutdoor Pool 5,400 sq ft (358lf perimeter) Kiddie Pool 1591 sq ft
Capital CreekWake Forest, NCOutdoor Pool 2,478 sq ft (210lf)
Carden PlaceMebane, NCOutdoor Pool 1,388 sq ft (191lf perimeter)
Cardinal WoodsEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 1,839 sq ft (186lf perimeter), Kiddie Pool 100 sq ft (40lf)
Care CenterGreenville, SCIndoor Therapy Spa 216 sq ft
CarillionGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,083 sq ft (250lf perimeter)
Carlisle AptsShelby , NCOutdoor Pool 1,045 sq ft (133lf perimeter)
Carlton CreekDuncan, SCOutdoor Pool 1,200 sq ft (137lf perimeter)
Carlyle ApartmentsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool, Spa and deck
Carolina BayCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 3,903 sq ft (288lf)
Carolina BayCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool w/ zero entry 3,920 sq ft (300lf perimeter)
Carolina Bay Phase 20Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 3,903 sq ft (288lf perimeter)
Carolina CrossingColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (186lf perimeter)
Carolina OaksSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,530 sq ft (226lf perimeter)
Carolina SquareChapel Hill, NCOutdoor Pool
Carolina VillageHendersonville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,042 sq ft (293lf perimeter)
Carrington Place AptsCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,800 sq ft
Cascades FountainsGreenville, SCFountains
CedarcrestLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 1,199 sq ft (158lf perimeter)
CenterPointeGreenwood, SCOutdoor Pool 1400 sq ft
Chandler Place RegencyGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 960 sq ft
Charleston RiverviewCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,034 sq ft (138lf), spa 78 sq ft (31lf)
ChartwellGreer, SCOutdoor Pool Jr. Olympic 3,487 sq ft (262lf perimeter)
Chattooga RidgeCashiers, NCOutdoor Pool 900 sq ft (130lf perimeter)
Chelsea ParkColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 2,338 sq ft (230lf perimeter)
Cherokee ValleyGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,458 sq ft (230lf), kiddie Pool 113 sq ft (38lf)
Church of God (WNC)Whittier, NCOutdoor Pool 4,056 sq ft (279lf perimeter)
Circle @ South ParkCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,479 sq ft (197lf)
Circle @ UniversityCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,468 sq ft (180lf perimeter)
City ClubColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 1,232 sq ft (183lf perimeter)
City Plaza FountainGreenville, SCFountain
Clairmont @ Brier CreekRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,938 sq ft (217lf perimeter)
Clairmont @ CapitalRaleigh, NC
Clarendon HallClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,208 sq ft (148lf perimeter), spa 100 sq ft (40lf)
Clemmons town CenterWinston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 1,202 sq ft (141lf perimeter)
Clemson TowersClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 446 sq ft (91lf perimeter)
Cliffs Beach ClubPickens, SCOutdoor Pools 2,628 sq ft (249lf), 1,305 sq ft (153lf) w/ 2 slides
Cliffs Keowee Falls SouthSalem, SCOutdoor Pool 3,421 sq ft (300lf perimeter)
Cliffs Walnut Cove WellnessArden, NCOutdoor Pool 2,550 sq ft (218lf), spa 210 sq ft (55lf) Indoor Pool 1,350 sq ft (186lf)
Cline FarmLincolnton, NCOutdoor Pool 1,152 sq ft (144lf perimeter)
CobblestoneSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,800 sq ft (231lf), Kiddie Pool 182 sq ft (51lf)
Cokers CommonGoose Creek, SCOutdoor Pool 869 sq ft (118lf perimeter)
Comfort SuitesN. Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 600 sq ft (105lf perimeter)
Comfort SuitesSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 396 sq ft (82lf), Spa 50 sq ft (25lf)
Coopers Ridge AptsLadson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,390 sq ft (189lf perimeter)
Copper CreekSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 4,103 sq ft (274lf), Kiddie Pool 154 sq ft (44lf)
Corporate CenterRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 35'x70', Freeform 2,119 sq ft (221lf)
Country ChaseFountain Inn, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft (120lf perimeter)
Country Inn & SuitesAsheville, NCIndoor Pool 434 sq ft (87lf)
Country Inn & SuitesAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 376 sq ft, Spa 50 sq ft
Country Inn & SuitesBoone, NCIndoor Pool 400 sq ft (80lf), Spa 38 sq ft (22lf)
Country Inn & SuitesSavannah, GAIndoor Pool 310 sq ft
Courtyard By MarriottChapel Hill, NCIndoor Pool 292 sq ft (69lf), Spa 58 sq ft (28lf)
Courtyard By MarriottClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 519 sq ft (96lf)
Courtyard By MarriottGastonia, NCOutdoor Pool 396 sq ft (79lf), Spa 50 sq ft (26lf)
Courtyard By MarriottGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 411 sq ft (82lf), Spa 63 sq ft (29lf)
Courtyard By MarriottMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 760 sq ft (123lf perimeter), Spa 50 sq ft (25lf)
Courtyard By MarriottRaleigh, NCIndoor Pool 324 sq ft (73lf), Spa 65 sq ft (31lf)
Courtyard By MarriottStatesville, NCOutdoor Pool 576 sq ft (100lf)
Courtyard By MarriottSummerville, SCOutdoor Pool 532 sq ft (95lf)
Cove at Savannah PointeSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1800 sq ft (180lf)
Coves @ Round MountainLenoir, NCOutdoor Pool 1,307 sq ft (150lf)
Crabtree CommonsRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,889 sq ft (199lf), Pool 2 500 sq ft (93lf), Spa 99 sq ft (40lf), Water Feature 764 sq ft (144lf)
Creekside @ Old TownConyers, GAOutdoor Pool 884 sq ft (135lf)
Creekside Hills Apts.Apex, NCOutdoor Pool 1,529 sq ft (180lf)
CreekwoodGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,577 sq ft (270lf), Lazy River 1,888 sq ft (282lf), Kiddie Pool 352 sq ft (76lf)
Crescent NodaCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,360 sq ft (165lf)
Crown PlazaClemson, SCOutdoor Pool
Culp ArborChapel Hill, SCOutdoor Pool 651 sq ft (102lf)
Cummings CoveHendersonville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,629 sq ft (179lf), Spa 110 sq ft (42lf)
Cypress GroveMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool w/ zero entry 2,488 sq ft (218lf)
Cypress of RaleighRaleigh, NCIndoor Pool 1,634 sq ft, Spa 62 sq ft
DelmarHighpoint, NCOutdoor Pool 1,701 sq ft (172lf)
Deyton/Seay ResidenceGreenville, SC24'x40' freeform
Dillard CreekGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 1,668 sq ft (184lf)
Discovery ParkSimpsonville, SCFlowrider 1,530 sq ft (162lf)
District WestGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,624 sq ft (204lf)
Dr. Life Wellness CenterMauldin, SCIndoor Pool 300 sq ft (80lf)
Drayton Mill LoftsSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 1,347 sq ft (186lf)
Eaglewood RetreatCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,509 sq ft (188lf)
Eastwood VillageAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 1200 sq ft, Spa 64 sq ft
Elan City CenterRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 686 sq ft (166lf)
Elon Station @ Mill PointElon, NCOutdoor Pool 1,824 sq ft (193lf)
Embassy SuitesConcord, NCIndoor Pool 615 sq ft (107lf), Spa 80 sq ft (36lf)
Enclave @ Carrollton Apt.Kernersville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,402 sq ft (155lf)
Enclave @ RivergateCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,402 sq ft (155lf)
EssexCharleston, NCOutdoor Pool w/ zero entry 3,890 sq ft (300lf)
Etowah Valley County ClubHendersonville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,863 sq ft (189lf)
EvanWood SubsdivisionBoiling Springs, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft
Fairfield Inn & SuitesBristol, TNIndoor Pool 253 sq ft (64lf perimeter)
Fairfield Inn & SuitesCamden, SCOutdoor Pool 372 sq ft (77lf), Spa 55 sq ft (28lf)
Fairfield Inn & SuitesColumbia, SCIndoor Pool 645 sq ft (115lf)
Fairfield Inn & SuitesN. Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 368 sq ft (80lf), Spa 56 sq ft (25lf)
Falls CreekRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,290 sq ft (170lf), Kiddie Pool 240 sq ft (64lf)
Five ForksGreenville, SCOutdoor Jr. Olympic Pool 3,560 sq ft (279lf)
Fontana VillageGraham, NCOutdoor Pool 3,021 sq ft (259lf) Lazy River 1,871 sq ft (267lf)
Forrester HeightsMauldin, SCJunior Olympic 3,523 sq ft (262lf)
Fox BankMoncks Corner, SCOutdoor Pool 3,210 sq ft (263lf)
Fox GlenFletcher, NCOutdoor Pool 910 sq ft (123lf)
Fox TraceGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool Jr. Olympic 3,505 sq ft (265lf), Kiddie 144 sq ft (48lf)
Franklin PointeGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 2,496 sq ft (244lf)
Garden DistrictSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,634 sq ft (156lf)
Glen LakeSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Junior Olympic 3,853 sq ft (271lf), Spa 133 sq ft (41lf)
Glenbrook ApartmentsEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (160lf perimeter)
Golds GymColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 1,530 sq ft (195lf), Spa 81 sq ft (36lf)
Grand Oaks PreserveLadson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,600 sq ft (192lf)
GreeneCreekSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 890 sq ft (129lf), Kiddie 79 sq ft (31lf)
Greenridge FountainsGreenville, SCOutdoor Fountains
Greenville FountainsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,222 sq ft (210lf)
Greenwood Regional Rehab.Greenwood, SCIndoor Therapy Pool 252 sq ft (64lf)
Greer Country ClubGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 1,650 sq ft (170lf)
Gresham ParkSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 869 sq ft (119lf)
Grey Fox ForestShelby, NCOutdoor Pool 1,200 sq ft (160lf), Kiddie Pool 79 sq ft (31lf)
Greystone SubdivisionAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,250 sq ft (150lf perimeter)
Griffith FarmGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 1,440 sq ft (167lf)
Hampton GreeneAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,555 sq ft (174lf)
Hampton InnAsheville, NCIndoor Pool 400 sq ft (82lf)
Hampton InnAugusta, GAOutdoor Pool 761 sq ft (126lf)
Hampton InnBoone, NCIndoor Pool 400 sq ft (82lf)
Hampton InnBurlington, NCOutdoor Pool 592 sq ft (96lf)
Hampton InnCarolina Beach, NCOutdoor Pool 767 sq ft (119lf)
Hampton InnCashiers, NCIndoor Pool 587 sq ft (99lf), Spa 50 sq ft (25lf)
Hampton InnDuncan, SCOutdoor Pool 648 sq ft (108lf)
Hampton InnEast Point, GAOutdoor Pool 675 sq ft (119lf)
Hampton InnSeneca, SCOutdoor Pool 600 sq ft (100lf)
Hampton InnGaffney, SCOutdoor Pool
Hampton InnGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 150 sq ft (62lf)
Hampton InnLawrenceville, GAOutdoor Pool 677 sq ft (105lf)
Hampton InnNorth Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 564 sq ft (106lf)
Hampton InnPineville, NCOutdoor Pool
Hampton InnRaleigh, NCIndoor Pool 504 sq ft (102lf)
Hampton InnSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool
Hampton InnSpartanburg, SCIndoor Pool 512 sq ft (96lf)
Hampton InnStatesville, NCOutdoor Pool 651 sq ft (104lf)
Hampton InnTravelers Rest, SCOutdoor Pool
Hampton InnOrangeburg, SCOutdoor Pool 588 sq ft (99lf perimeter)
HamptonsAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,080 sq ft (149lf)
Hanging RockSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (187lf)
Hartness PreserveGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,529 sq ft (193lf)
Hawk CreekSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 968 sq ft (132lf), Kiddie 79 sq ft (32lf)
Heather ParkGarner, NCOutdoor Pool 1,292 sq ft, Wading Pool 240 sq ft
HeightsMauldin, SCOutdoor Pool 1,216 sq ft (149lf)
HemlockWilliamston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,457 sq ft (156lf)
HeritageSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,615 sq ft (277lf), Kiddie 684 sq ft (115lf)
Hickory RunEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 3,853 sq ft (271lf), Kiddie 113 sq ft (38lf)
Hidden CreekBoiling Springs, SCOutdoor Pool 830sqft (137lf)
HighgroveSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,986 sq ft (175lf), Kiddie 201 sq ft (50lf)
Highland HillsLyman, SCOutdoor Pool 2,138 sq ft (185lf perimeter)
Highland Lake InnFlat Rock, NCOutdoor Pool 2,300 sq ft (196lf)
Hilton Garden InnAnderson, SCIndoor Pool 353 sq ft (79lf), Spa 69 sq ft (33lf)
Hilton Garden InnBeaufort, SCOutdoor Pool 660 sq ft (111lf), Spa 62 sq ft (30lf)
Hilton Garden InnCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 639 sq ft (135lf)
Hilton Garden InnColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 353 sq ft (78lf), Spa 63 sq ft (31lf)
Hilton Garden InnColumbia, SCIndoor Pool 355 sq ft (79lf), Spa 50 sq ft (25lf)
Hilton Garden InnGreensboro, NCIndoor Pool 353 sq ft (76lf), Spa 50 sq ft (25lf)
Hilton Garden InnCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 496 sq ft (94lf)
Hilton Garden InnHickory, NCIndoor Pool 399 sq ft (79lf)
Hilton Garden InnSavannah, GAOutdoor Pool 975 sq ft (124lf), Spa 54 sq ft (27lf)
Hilton VistaColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 715 sq ft (117lf)
Holiday InnAiken, SCOutdoor Pool 667 sq ft (103lf)
Holiday InnAthens, GAOutdoor Pool 659 sq ft (103lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressAnderson, SCIndoor Pool 600 sq ft (100lf), Spa 49 sq ft (28lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressArchdale, NC
Holiday Inn ExpressBluffton, SCOutdoor Pool 600 sq ft (100lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressClemson, SCIndoor Pool 464 sq ft (90lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 630 sq ft (107lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 630 sq ft (107lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressGreer, SCOutdoor Pool
Holiday Inn ExpressJohnson City, TNIndoor Pool 464 sq ft (80lf), Spa 65 sq ft (36lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressMatthews, NCIndoor Pool 669 sq ft (118lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 584 sq ft (96lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 612 sq ft (110lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool
Holiday Inn ExpressN. Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 576 sq ft (104lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressN. Charleston, SCIndoor Pool 450 sq ft (93lf), 50sqft (28lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressRaleigh, NCIndoor Pool 460 sq ft (96lf)
Holiday Inn ExpressSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 576 sq ft (104lf)
Holiday Inn Express IkeaCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 489 sq ft (93lf)
Holiday Inn RDUMorrisville, NCOutdoor Pool 415 sq ft (92lf)
HollingtonMauldin, SCOutdoor Pool 974 sq ft (118lf)
Holman ResidenceAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 240 sq ft
Home 2 SuitesCharlotte, NCIndoor Pool 405 sq ft (84lf)
Home 2 SuitesGrovetown, GAOutdoor Pool 708 sq ft (115lf)
Homes 2 SuitesAugusta, GAOutdoor Pool 748 sq ft (122lf)
Homes 2 SuitesGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 602 sq ft (109lf perimeter)
Homes 2 SuitesN. Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 480 sq ft (94lf)
Homewood SuitesAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 418 sq ft (88lf), Spa 44 sq ft (27lf)
Homewood SuitesGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 560 sq ft (89lf)
Homewood SuitesLawrenceville, GAOutdoor Pool 669 sq ft (101lf)
Homewood SuitesNorth Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 722 sq ft (112lf)
Homewood Suites HiltonCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 655 sq ft (105lf)
Horizon VillageN. Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,196 sq ft (135lf)
Hotel DomestiqueTravelers Rest, SCOutdoor Pool 2,533 sq ft (264lf)
Hotel IndigoDurham, NCIndoor Pool 247 sq ft (65lf), Spa 40 sq ft (27lf)
Howard ParcSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,472 sq ft (201lf)
Hue CondosRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,034 sq ft (194lf)
Hyatt House North Hills EastRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 590 sq ft (105lf)
Hyatt PlaceRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 580 sq ft (98lf), Spa 94 sq ft (38lf)
Hyatt PlaceChapel Hill, NCOutdoor Pool 411 sq ft (84lf)
Inside WadeRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 2,748 sq ft (215lf), Spray Pad 479 sq ft (106lf)
IvyBrookeGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 890 sq ft (129lf)
James CreekSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 820 sq ft (125lf), Kiddie 79 sq ft (31lf)
Jasmine CoveSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,312 sq ft (183lf)
Kane North/104 DartmouthRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 790 sq ft (119lf)
Kelsey GlenSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,744 sq ft (196lf)
Keowee KeySalem, SCIndoor 2 spas 50 sq ft (25lf)
Kilgore FarmsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,927 sq ft (207lf), Kiddie 143 sq ft (40lf)
Kilgore Farms IIGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,545 sq ft (281lf)
Kinghts BridgeGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (160lf)
La Qunita InnBoone, NCIndoor Pool 730 sq ft, Spa 172 sq ft
Lake Boone TrailRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,585 sq ft (198lf)
Lake LureLake Lure, NCOutdoor Pool 2,070 sq ft (240lf), Lazy River 1,550 sq ft (390lf)
Lake MarionSantee, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft (120lf)
LakeportColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 2,420 sq ft (227lf)
Lakeside ParkGreenville, SCWaterpark
Larkspur PointGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,537 sq ft (298lf)
Laurel Lake CommunityGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool
LedgestoneGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,066 sq ft (139lf)
Lee's CrossingSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 1,250 sq ft (150lf)
Legacy ParkWinston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 1,201 sq ft (141lf)
Legends At AzaleaSummerville, SCOutdoor Pool
Liberty HallGoose Creek, SCOutdoor Pool 4,220 sq ft (288lf)
Liberty Mtn. UniversityLynchburg, VAOutdoor Pool 1,800 sq ft (180lf)
Links @ GlenwoodRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 450 sq ft (86lf)
Links @ West End AptsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 640 sq ft (112lf)
Lofts @ Reynolds Mtn.Buncombe, SCOutdoor Pool 495 sq ft (94lf), Spa 54 sq ft (31lf)
Lofts of GreenvilleGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,701 sq ft (171lf)
LongleafSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,114 sq ft (184lf)
LostRiverSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,986 sq ft (298lf)
LullwaterEvans, GA
Lutheridge CampArden, NCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 2,820 sq ft (284lf perimeter)
Madison Place ApartmentsGarner, NCOutdoor Pool 1,485 sq ft (198lf)
Mahaffey PlantationGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,840 sq ft (188lf)
Manor @ Abner CreekGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 1,903 sq ft (175lf)
Marrington VillasGoose Creek, SCOutdoor Pool 652 sq ft (102lf)
Matthews GatewayMatthews, NCOutdoor Pool 326 sq ft (70lf)
McBee StationGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,420 sq ft (172lf)
McCarterGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,800 sq ft, Kiddie 200 sq ft
McKinney ResidenceGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 667 sq ft, Spa 38 sq ft
MicrotelDillsboro, NCOutdoor Pool 326 sq ft (68lf)
Mid Town GreeneRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 582 sq ft (96lf)
Millbrook GreenRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (160lf)
Millennium AptsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,756 sq ft (175lf)
Mills MillGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,012 sq ft (136lf)
Morning MistSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,593 sq ft (279lf), Kiddie 144 sq ft (48lf)
Mountain Club @ CashiersCashiers, NCOutdoor Pool 891 sq ft (127lf), Spa 38 sq ft (22lf)
Myers Park PlaceCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,097 sq ft (170.5lf), Fountain
Myrtle TraceMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool 1,783 sq ft (188lf), Kiddie 100 sq ft (36lf)
Nellifield PlantationCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,277 sqft (214lf), Kiddie 314sqft (63lf)
New Providence ParkNew Hanover, NCOutdoor Pool 1,394 sq ft (189lf)
North HarborChesnee, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft (120lf)
North ShoreSummerton, SCOutdoor Pool 2,453 sq ft (221lf)
Oak ForestSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 1,609 sq ft (171lf)
Oakledge @ CalhounClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,111 sq ft (161lf)
Oaks @ Rock SpringsSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 909 sq ft (123lf), Kiddie 79 sq ft (31lf)
Oasis @ West AshleyCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft (120lf)
One Chandler PlaceGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 960 sq ft (130lf)
One ElevenCayce, SCOutdoor Pool 1,900 sq ft (210lf)
O'Neal VillageGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 3,568 sq ft (264lf)
Orchard PointeLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 1,202 sq ft (141lf)
Otarre PointCayce, SCOutdoor Pool 1,394 sq ft (181lf perimeter)
OverlookLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 1,200 sq ft (160lf)
Overlook @ Lake HartwellAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,365 sq ft (153lf)
Oyster ParkMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 1,176 sq ft (154lf)
Park PointeRock Hill, SCIndoor Pool 1,200 sq ft (148lf), Spa 80 sq ft (32lf)
Patrick SquareClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,995 sq ft (210lf)
Pearson PlaceClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 486 sq ft (91lf)
Pelham SpringsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 890 sq ft (129lf)
Pendleton PlantationAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,984 sq ft (175lf), Kiddie 255 sq ft (62lf)
Persimmon GroveLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 2,771 sq ft (198lf)
Pinckney RetreatBeaufort, SCOutdoor Pool 931 sq ft (161lf)
Pine GroveGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,033 sq ft (136lf)
Plantation GreeneGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,541 sq ft (219lf), Spa 227 sq ft (53lf), Lazy River 1,275 sq ft (184lf)
Plantation PointRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 2,546 sq ft (218lf)
Point @ Peters CreekWinston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 1,202 sq ft (142lf)
Point SouthWilmington, NCOutdoor Pool 1,390 sq ft (189lf)
Polo Club @ Mountain LakeMecklenburg, NCOutdoor Pool 544 sq ft (93lf)
Polo Club @ WeddingtonMatthews, NCOutdoor Pool 651 sq ft (101lf)
Poplar PlaceGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 684 sq ft (112lf)
Porchers PreserveMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 1,924 sq ft (206lf) beach entry
Portrait HillChapin, SCOutdoor Pool 3,601 sq ft (260lf)
Providence PointeWinston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 1,201 sq ft (141lf)
Providence SquareSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 989 sq ft (127lf)
ProximityCharleston, SC
Quarters @ MoreheadCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 933 sq ft (124lf)
RainwaterDuncan, SCOutdoor Pool 2,503 sq ft (222lf)
Ramada InnCayce, SCOutdoor Pool
Ramada Inn/Hawthorne SuitesSpartanburg, SCIndoor Pool 766 sq ft (111lf)
RamblewoodRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,973 sq ft (176lf)
RavenwoodSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1.692 sq ft (176lf)
Ravines @ Camellia VillageGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 744 sq ft (123lf)
Ravines @ CreeksideSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 744 sq ft (123lf)
Ravines @ Holly CreekAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 774 sq ft (123lf)
Ravines @ Spring MillGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 775 sq ft (123lf)
Ravines @ WoodsideSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 774 sq ft (123)
Reedy SpringsSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (160lf)
Reidville CrossingWoodruff, SCOutdoor Pool 1,624 sq ft (161lf)
Renaissance ParkSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 2,655 sq ft (232lf)
Reserve @ DecaturDecatur, GAOutdoor Pool 2,372 sq ft (268lf)
Reserve @ Smith CrossingKernersville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,204 sq ft (141lf)
Reserve @ WeSCottNorth Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,649 sq ft (210lf)
Residence InnCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool
Residence InnSavannah, GAOutdoor Pool 650 sq ft (126lf)
Retreat @ Hunt HillAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 839 sq ft (120lf)
Retreat @ Lake BlackshearCordele, GAIndoor Pool 340 sq ft, Outdoor Pool 710 sq ft, Spa 28 sq ft
Rex WellnessRaleigh, NCIndoor Pool 2,700 sq ft (222lf), Pool 612 sq ft (106lf), Spa 88 sq ft (38lf)
Rhett & Wardlaw AptGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 863 sq ft (113lf)
Rice Creek ApartmentsPort Wentworth, GAOutdoor Pool 2,347 sq ft (195lf)
Ridge RoadCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 651 sq ft (102lf)
Ridgewood PlantationWilliamston, SCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 2,490 sq ft (218lf perimeter)
RivendellAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 3,420 sq ft (441lf) w/ beach entry, Lazy River
River ReservePiedmont, SCOutdoor Pool 3,505 sq ft (265lf), Kiddie Pool 144 sq ft (48lf)
River ShoalsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,270 sq ft (249lf), Lazy River 1,851 sq ft (237lf)
RiverbendAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,426 sq ft (227lf)
RiverstoneFletcher, NCOutdoor Pool 2,100 sq ft (200lf), Kiddie 154 sq ft (44lf)
RiverwoodGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 3,837 sq ft (271lf), Kiddie 133 sq ft (41lf)
Riviera @ Seaside AptsMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 1,366 sq ft (161lf perimeter)
Rock SpringsSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 1,250 sq ft (150lf)
RockwellAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool 1,659 sq ft (169lf)
Rockwood Road Apts.Asheville, NCOutdoor Pool 925 sq ft (123lf)
Rocky CreekGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,181 sq ft (235lf), Kiddie 154 sq ft (45lf)
Rolland CrossingBoiling Springs, SCOutdooor Pool 833 sq ft (117lf)
Roper Pond AptsColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 1,175 sq ft (145lf)
RoseHillEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 4,375 sq ft (466lf)
Rosemont at ClemsonPickens, SCOutdoor Pool 862 sq ft (129lf)
Rutherford Mnt CampgroundLake Lure, SCOutdoor Pool 450 sq ft (90lf)
Saluda River ClubLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 1,995 sq ft (188lf)
Sapphire PointeDuncan, SCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 2,490 sq ft (218lf)
Savannah QuartersPooler, GAOutdoor Pool 2,170 sq ft (201lf)
Secret Garden InnWeaverville, NCOutdoor spa 323 sq ft (72lf)
Seven OaksRock Hill, SCOutdoor Pool 2,450 sq ft (210lf)
Shadow MossGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,000 sq ft (150lf)
Shell Ring @ Daniel IslandCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,963 sq ft (220lf)
Shellbrook PlantationSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,800 sq ft (180lf)
ShilohLyman, SCOutdoor Pool 2,203 sq ft (193lf)
Silverleaf Community PoolAnderson, SCOutdoor Pool
Sleep InnBoone, NCOutdoor Pool 400 sq ft (82lf)
Smith Therapy SpaGreenville, SCspa 140 sq ft (49lf)
Smokey Mountain Country ClubWhittier, NCOutdoor Pool 1,353 sq ft (155lf), Spa 79 sq ft (32lf)
Solis 9thRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,218 sq ft (207lf)
Solis BallantyneCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,206 sq ft (148lf)
Solis DilworthCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 912 sq ft (123lf)
Solis WaverlyCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 2,393 sq ft (215lf), Fountain
South Kings MidtownCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,053 sq ft (135lf)
South Mountain Christian CampBostic, NCOutdoor Pool
South RidgeGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,590 sq ft (200lf)
SouthRidge AptArden, NCOutdoor Pool 850 sq ft (130lf)
SouthTryon AptsCharlotte, NC
Sovereign BelgateCharlotte, NC
Spartanburg RehabSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 252 sq ft (64lf)
Sports Club/Five ForksSimpsonville, SCIndoor Pool 2,938 sq ft (234lf), Spa 82 sq ft (36lf)
Spring Lake EstatesLyman, SCOutdoor Pool 1,800 sq ft (180lf)
Springfield PlantationEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 648 sq ft (108lf)
SpringHill FarmsPiedmont, SCOutdoor Pool 1,400 sq ft (153lf)
SpringHill SuitesCharlotte, NCIndoor Pool 433 sq ft (85lf)
SpringHill SuitesCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 350 sq ft (84lf), Spa 54 sq ft (28lf)
SpringHill SuitesConcord, NCOutdoor Pool 357 sq ft (84lf)
SpringHill SuitesConcord, NCIndoor Pool 354 sq ft (80lf), Spa 45 sq ft (25lf)
St. Andrews AptWilmington, NC
Stafford PlaceWinston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 1,202 sq ft (142lf)
Standard @ BooneBoone, NCOutdoor Spa 314 sq ft (86lf), Spa 2 154 sq ft (44lf)
Stanhope Apts.Raleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,598 sq ft (193lf perimeter)
Staybridge SuitesGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 544 sq ft (100lf)
SteeplechaseHoschton, GAOutdoor Pool 1,072 sq ft (138lf)
Sterling EstatesBoiling Springs, SCOutdoor Pool 3,528 sq ft (263lf)
Stillwaters of Lake RobinsonGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 1,870 sq ft (198lf), Spa 75 sq ft (31lf)
Stillwood @ Bell's CrossingSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (170lf)
Stonecrest ApartmentsGaffney, SCOutdoor Pool 1,045 sq ft (133lf)
Stonecrest VillaYork, SCOutdoor Pool 542 sq ft (92lf)
Stonegate @ Spring LakeFayetteville, NCOutdoor Pool 1,862 sq ft (179lf)
Stoneledge @ Lake KeoweeUnion, SCOutdoor Pool 1,225 sq ft (135lf)
Straus ParkBrevard, NCOutdoor Pool 850 sq ft (112lf)
Stuarts LandingCramerton, NCOutdoor Pool 652 sq ft (102lf)
Sugar CommonsSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 933 sq ft (131lf)
SummerparkSummerville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,872 sq ft (271lf)
Sunset SummitsSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 2,988 sq ft (247lf)
Sweetwater HillsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,560 sq ft (279lf)
Tapestry @ VerdaeGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,776 sq ft (244lf)
The PierSeneca, SCOutdoor Pool 4,713 sq ft (299lf), Spa 201 sq ft (50lf)
The VenueMooresville, NCOutdoor Pool 2,000 sq ft (234lf)
TheSpringsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,371 sq ft (209lf)
Thornblade CrossingGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool
Three BridgesPowdersville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,705 sq ft (213lf)
Tidal WalkMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 2,488 sq ft (218lf)
Tiger Town VillageClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 778 sq ft (112lf)
Timber TraceGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 460 sq ft (92lf)
Timm CreekRoebuck, SCOutdoor Pool 3,505 sq ft (265lf), Kiddie 144 sq ft (48lf)
Top Dog Ltd.Greenville, SCDog Pool 756 sq ft (138lf)
Towne Place SuiteCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool
Towne Place SuiteColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool
Townes @ BrookwoodSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 788 sq ft (113lf)
Townes @ River FallsDuncan, SCOutdoor Pool 1,818 sq ft (171lf)
Townes @ ThornbladeGreenvile, SCOutdoor Pool 787 sq ft (113lf)
TreybernTravelers Rest, SCOutdoor Pool 3,225 sq ft (260lf)
Truett Baptist Camp PoolHayesville, NCOutdoor Pool
Tuscan HeightsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,442 sq ft (166lf)
TuscanyMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool 3,279 sq ft (228lf), Pool 7,440 sq ft (460lf), Pool 4,528 sq ft (450lf)
Twin CreekGreenville, SCJunior Olympic 3,853 sq ft (271lf), Kiddie 227 sq ft (53lf), Tumble Buckets
USC Student HousingColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 2,360 sq ft (236lf), Spa 219 sq ft (62lf)
Valley @ Tanner EstatesMauldin, SCOutdoor Pool 4,562 sq ft (298lf)
Velo VerdaeGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,792 sq ft (219lf)
VerdmontSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,291 sq ft (556lf)
Victoria ParkSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,093 sq ft (252lf)
Village @ Pin Oak FarmAiken, SCOutdoor Pool 775 sq ft (123lf)
Village @ SandhillColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 1,504 sq ft (186lf)
Village @ The ParkCary, NCOutdoor Pool 1,234 sq ft (171lf)
Village @ Town CreekPendleton, SCOutdoor Pool 994 sq ft (120lf)
Village @ Wesley ChapelUnion, SCOutdoor Pool 2,442 sq ft (220lf)
Village at Beaver DamKnightdale, NCOutdoor Pool 836 sq ft (130lf)
Village at RobinhoodWinston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 1,202 sq ft (142lf)
Village WalkClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 667 sq ft (108lf), Spa 50 sq ft (25lf)
Villages at LakeshoreColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 2,563 sq ft (249lf)
Villas @ Lawson CreekBoiling Springs, SCOutdoor Pool 1,1115 sq ft (139lf)
Vinings @ BrookfieldMauldin, SCOutdoor Pool 1,736 sq ft (169lf)
Vinings @ ICARGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 2,460 sq ft (217lf)
Vinings @ Market CommonsMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool 2,397 sq ft (211lf)
Vinings @ Towne CenterMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 2,397 sq ft (211lf)
Vinings ApartmentsMatthews, NCOutdoor Pool
Vinings at Duncan ChapelTravelers Rest, SCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (187lf)
Vinings at Roper MountainGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,588 sq ft (190lf)
Vinings at WildwoodNewport, NCOutdoor Pool w/zero entry 1,606 sq ft (206lf)
Vintners WoodLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 2,084 sq ft (198lf)
Vue 64Raleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 4,567 sq ft (354lf)
Waistill MountainArden, NCOutdoor Pool 1,500 sq ft (170lf)
Walden StationCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,161 sq ft (162lf)
Walker CrossingKnoxville, TNOutdoor Pool
Walnut Creek CondominiumsCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,000 sq ft
WatermillSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,818 sq ft (171lf)
Waterstone @ Brier CreekRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,923 sq ft (230lf)
Waterstone @ WeddingtonConcord, NCOutdoor Pool 2,570 sq ft (263lf)
Waverly HallSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 880 sq ft (124lf)
Weatherstone IISummerville, SCOutdoor Pool 3,872 sq ft (271lf)
Wecott RidgeColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 3,525 sq ft (310lf)
Westgate PlantationSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 3,000 sq ft (253lf)
Westin CharlotteCharlotte, NCIndoor Pool
Westin SavannahSavannah, GAIndoor Pool
Whisper CreekRock Hill, SCOutdoor Pool 1,386 sq ft (190lf)
WhitestoneHigh Point, NCOutdoor Pool 1,350 sq ft (150lf)
Willow CreekGreer, SCOutdoor Pool
WindstoneFletcher, NCOutdoor Pool 1,216 sq ft (154lf)
Wingate InnColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool
Wingate InnLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 586 sq ft (108lf), Spa 54 sq ft (927lf)
Wingate InnMooresville, NCOutdoor Pool
Wingate InnValdosta, GAIndoor Spa 89 sq ft (36lf)
Wood at Lake KeoweeOconee, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft (120lf)
WoodburyMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool 2,236 sq ft (208lf)
Woodfin RidgeInman, SCOutdoor Pool 3784 sq ft, Wading Pool 144 sq ft
Woodside FarmsLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 2,537 sq ft (203lf), Spa 79 sq ft (31lf)
WoodstoneDurham, NCIndoor Pool 1,189 sq ft (140lf)
WynbrookBoiling Springs , SCOutdoor Pool 1,624 sq ft (161lf)
Wyndham PlaceSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 890 sq ft (129lf)
Residence Inn Summerville, SCOutdoor Pool 647sq ft
Home 2 SuitesHilton Head, SCOutdoor Pool 702 sq ft.
River Mill LoftsAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 2,100 sq ft
Holiday Inn ExpressRaleigh, NCOutdoor pool 489 sq ft
Madison ParkLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 2,140 sq ft
Belmont at TryonCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,939 sq ft
Cambria HotelMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 554 sq ft
Hotel IndigoMt. Pleasant, SCOutdoor Pool 1,116 sq ft
Lake Boone VillageRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,585 sq ft
Catawba Hill Elgin, SCOutdoor Pool 2,140 sq ft
Stonecrest Apartments Phase 2Gaffney, SCOutdoor Pool 1,042 sq ft
Residence InnGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 614 sq ft
TownPlace SuitesCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 594 sq ft
Hwy 17 ApartmentsSavannah, GAOutdoor Pool 2,160 sq ft
Residence Inn Spartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 676 sq ft
Dillon ApartmentsRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 798 sq ft
Springs at Laurens Rd.Greenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,464 sq ft.
Sorrell at PerimeterRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 2,976 sq ft.
Crescent NodaCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,359 sq ft
Flats at 540Apex, NCOutdoor Pool 1,965 sq ft
Sterling PondsBlythwood, SCOutdoor Pool 2,405 sq ft
River Mill Anderson, SCOutdoor Pool 2,405 sq ft
Fairway Village at Stoney CreekWhitsett, NCOutdoor Pool 2,149 sq ft
College ParkClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 800 sq ft.
Holiday Inn ExpressSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 558 sq ft
Best WesternAthens, GAIndoor Spa 240 sq ft
Daniel IslandCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 2,850 sq ft
Ridge at Perry BendEasley, SCOutdoor Pool 808 sq ft
Corporate CenterRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 2,036 sq ft
Overture CrabtreeRaleigh, NCOutdoor Pool 1,516 sq ft
SeagrassBluffton, SCOutdoor Pool 1,938 sq ft
Aventine NorthshoreKnoxville, TNOutdoor Pool 1,636 sq ft
Fairfield Inn & SuitesWoodstock, GAOutdoor Pool 589 sq ft
Mistwood FallsBoiling Springs, SCOutdoor Pool 2,078 sq ft
River RockBoiling Springs, SCOutdoor Pool 2,277 sq ft
Mosby InglesideCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 2,594 sq ft
CoventrySimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,789 sq ft
Home 2 SuitesPooler, GAOutdoor Pool 600 sq ft
Jones Mill CrossingFountain Inn, SCOutdoor Pool 2,400 sq ft
Palmetto ShoresColumbia, SCOutdoor Pool 1,588 sq ft.
Greenville LoftsGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,548 sq ft
Orchard CrestGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 2,201 sq ft
Kensington CreekSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 2,096 sq ft
Gateway Center AptsDurham, NCOutdoor Pool 1,045 sq ft.
Carolina SquareChapel Hill, NCOutdoor Pool 875 sq ft
Beaucatcher FlatsAsheville, NCOutdoor Pool 740 sq ft
Cottages at Ingles CrossingCentral, SCOutdoor Pool 2,607 sq ft
Grand MarcClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 915 sq ft
Homewood Suites Charleston, SCOutdoor Pool 655 sq ft
Residence Inn Winston Salem, NCOutdoor Pool 560 sq ft
Woodstone IIDurham, NCOutdoor Pool 1,189 sq ft
Bluefield WestLexington, SCOutdoor Pool 1,588 sq ft
Hampton Inn Fayetteville, NCOutdoor Pool 600 sq ft
City ParkCharlotte, NCOutdoor Pool 1,598 sq ft.
Enclave Paris MountainGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,590 sq ft.
Solis BerewickCharlotte, NCOudoor Pool 1,320 sq ft
Univeristy HousingClemson, SCOutdoor Pool 2,531 sq ft
Howard ParcSimpsonville, SCOutdoor Pool 2,472 sq ft
Holiday Inn Express-IkeaCharlotte, NCIndoor Pool 489 sq ft
Hampton Inn Walterboro, SCOutdoor Pool 605 sq ft
Hampton Inn Asheville, NCIndoor Pool 400 sq ft.
SanctuaryMyrtle Beach, SCOutdoor Pool 1,938 sq ft
Valley FallsSpartanburg, SCOutdoor Pool 950 sq ft
Chimney PointeGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 4,044 sq ft
Legends of AzaleaSummerville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,787 sq ft
Links Apt. West EndGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 640 sq ft
Poinsett Apts.Greenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,710 sq ft
RedcroftGreer, SCOutdoor Pool 3,545 sq ft
Solana on RiversCharleston, SCOutdoor Pool 1,531 sq ft
Golds GymGreenvlle, SCIndoor Pool 1,308 sq ft
Golds GymGreer, SCIndoor Pool 1,308 sq ft
Fountains at GreenvilleGreenville, SCOutdoor Pool 1,222 sq ft
Golds GymAsheville, NCIndoor Pool 1,300 sq ft
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