Energy Saving Tips for Pool Owners

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Energy Saving Tips for Pool Owners

You’re not done paying for your pool once it’s in the ground and you’ve taken your first dive. Even though the most expensive part is over at that point, you’ll still have to pay for the chemicals and the energy to keep it clean and running. Last week we talked about how you can save on pool chemicals, so this week we’ll walk you through how you can save on the energy costs related to pool ownership!

  • Get the right pump: Most pools are installed with far bigger pumps than they need, so if you have a pool and you’d like to save some money consider replacing your pump with a smaller model that uses only 3.5 horsepower! If you’re still in the process of designing and having your pool installed, be sure to request one of these smaller pumps to reap the savings from the start.
  • Invest in a timer: Getting the right pump for your pool will make a big difference, but only running the pump when it absolutely needs to be run will help even more! For as little as $20, you can install a timer that will only allow your pump to run for the exact amount of time it takes to clean your pool and not a moment more.
  • Try solar panels: While you’re at it, power your pump with a solar panel! Not only are the sun’s rays the most powerful during pool season, but solar panels could get you a tax break in some states! That’s a win-win situation!
  • Pool blankets work wonders: Much like a regular blanket covers your body and locks in heat to keep you warm, pool blankets float in your pool trapping heat to keep your water warm; you can even buy pool blankets that are made to absorb heat from the sun to actually aid in heating the water. Aside from saving on heating costs, these blankets will also help combat water loss, meaning you save money by not having to “top off” your water as often.
  • Bonus Tip: You can save money outside of your pool as well! For example, you can make the switch to energy efficient outdoor lighting, or even make landscaping choices that won’t require you to clean your pool more often!

Owning a pool is more affordable than ever — especially when you follow these energy-saving tips for pool owners! If you have an existing pool that you’d like to make more energy efficient, click here to schedule a service call. If you still have more questions before you can make your decision, give us a call at our SC location at (864) 676-9400 or our NC location at (828) 687-8080.

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