How to Cool Pool Water That’s Too Hot for Swimming

How to Cool Pool Water That’s Too Hot for Swimming

Does your pool feel like it’s reaching the boiling point? We know that’s the worst, especially since you invested in your pool as an escape from the heat! Unfortunately, that same heat you’re trying to escape can find its way into your pool and is not so quick to find its way back out.

Don’t be taunted by perfectly clean water that is still unswimmable. If your pool feels more like a hot spring than a refreshing oasis, we’ve got 3 tips that’ll help you cool things down:

How To Cool Hot Pool Water

  • Invest in a Pool Cooler: Similar to your heating unit, you can invest in a pool cooler. Your hot pool water will flow into the unit where it’ll pass by a cooling fan, then the freshly cooled water will circulate back into the pool. While one of these units is not exactly cheap and will need to be professionally installed, they can drop your water temperature up to 15 degrees!
  • Install a Water Feature: We’ve mentioned before that water features can add some personality to your pool, but they can also act as aerators which cool your water! This works because the fountain, sprayers, or bubblers move your pool water through the air which will allow the hottest bits to evaporate, thereby allowing the rest of the water to cool down. To maximize your results, run your water features at night when you’ll also have cooler temperatures working in your favor.
  • Provide Some Shade: Whether you install an awning, pergola, cabana, or even plant some strategically placed trees, creating shade will keep your pool water out of direct sunlight which should keep it from overheating in the first place.

Cooling your pool is a breeze when you get help from the Hot Springs Pools & Spas Service Department! We can help you with any of the projects listed above whether you’re still in the design process or you’ve had your pool for years. Just give us a call at our SC location at (864) 676-9400 or our NC location at (828) 687-8080, or you can also schedule service online; just click the banner below!

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