Swim into Luxury with

Custom Vinyl Pools

Dial up the family time and transform weekends at home into a fun staycation with a vinyl pool. Hot Springs Pools and Spas has been working with families and homeowners like you to turn a basic backyard into a luxurious getaway, without breaking the bank.


Made up of galvanized steel walls, concrete reinforcement, and a decorative vinyl liner.


Aside from being more cost-effective than a gunite pool, installing a vinyl pools offers you many advantages.

Quality Construction for Your Vinyl Pool

As your local pool builders, we are your partner through the entire pool process, from your wishlist to your first swim. We have developed a proven process that delivers a quality pool each and every time.

vinyl pool with sheer descent


Initial Consultation

You meet with our team to discuss your needs, pick a size and shape of pool, and craft a construction plan.


Price & Contract

We discuss pricing and finalize a plan that becomes a promise we will deliver.



We get the permits in place, break ground, dig out your pool and set the galvanized steel walls. We build pools in Greenville, Asheville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and Easley.


Pour Concrete & Backfill

We pour a concrete collar around the pool walls. After the collar has set up, we backfill and grade.


Concrete Decking

We form and pour the concrete decking around your pool.



We hand-trowel the vermiculite bottom and prep for the liner.


Vinyl Pool Liner

We drop in the vinyl liner and add water.


Training and Orientation

We walk you through trainings on pool maintenance and water care.

Personalize Your Pool Experience

Vinyl pools aren’t all rectangles with a diving board at the end. Our vinyl pool collection includes a variety of features so you can personalize your swimming experience.

deck jets in inground poool

Deck Jets

With the ability to customize the arc stream and spray pattern, deck jets allow you to create unique designs that keep your pool water moving and your guests entertained. Deck jets make a great landscape addition and there a variety of mounting options.

sheer descent in pool

Sheer Descent

Bring the sound and feel of a waterfall to your pool with a sheer descent accent. The continuous stream of water will elevate your pool experience by bringing one of nature’s most beautiful features right into your own backyard.

vinyl custom sundeck in pool


Sundecks are a shallow ledge you can put lounge chairs on while still being in the water. These decks are great for families, children and can be customized to fit your pool shape and size, allowing you to spend more time in the water.

Have a Stand Out Summer With a Vinyl Pool in Your Backyard

Splash Away Restrictions with Financing

Don’t let the cost of a pool deter you from the backyard you’ve dreamt of. Increasing family time is priceless, and we have partnered with several different lenders to make financing your pool easy.

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